Friday, November 18, 2011


I miss him  - terribly.

Good thing, he came back from work. He smiled at me and greeted me good morning. He even planted a kiss on my cheek. I was waiting for him. I just got off  from work too. Then we ate breakfast together and went in to the room.

Then I told him that I was really tired from work, and so is he. I sat on the bed, then he asked if he can sleep beside me, so we can rest together. Of course I agreed. We hugged each other so tight that we both finally fell asleep.

The alarm went on. I didn't realize that I had fallen asleep so deep. It was almost time for work. I rummaged through my closet, found a dress to wear at work. And I kissed him, told him that I'll be back real quick. I 'll  just eat my dinner and take a shower. But he got up, and ate his dinner with me. We took shower together. And I got ready for work. I kissed him goodbye as I walked out of the front door. He will be at work too anytime later. He said he'll just take a little nap after I leave. I came in to the office and took in calls, while he took care of people in the ER.

I miss him already. I can't wait to give him another kiss when I get home.

But the kisses and the hugs don't feel natural at all. Well, of course it won't.
It's just a plain text message. All is in my head.