Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I haven't been quite sure yet of what and where to be after I finished my first few errands in my life:

1. Review for the board exam.
2. Take the July board exam.
3. Pass the board exam.
4. Get a professional license.
5. Apply for a job.


Maybe I have an option. Maybe two or three. I dunno.

Last year, my aunt told me that we have a distant relative who works as a head at FEU Hospital. He can help me get a job there. I also told her that there's a new public hospital built near our residence in Manila and I am sure they need volunteers there, and so I can apply there too. And last night, she just told me that we have another distant relative who is the Cavite Provincial Administrator for Satellite Hospitals who can recommend me to any public hospital here in Cavite PLUS MONTHLY ALLOWANCES. WHEW! 

I know I shouldn't be worrying anything about it, about my future career. You see, that's a lot --no, that's quite enough for me. I have two or three options to juggle inside my brain. 

But I don't want to expect too much from them. WHAT IF there are no slots left? WHAT IF they decided not to prioritize me since I am a distant relative? WHAT IF I can't compose myself enough to digest everything that will happen? That'll be a HUGE change in my life, I know.

HUGE. Speaking of huge.
With everything that will be happening to me, a huge challenge is up.

Will we be together to anywhere? To everywhere?
I don't want to get my hopes up.


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