Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have seen but have not yet found
The meaning of myself in you if I won't be around.
My fingers trembling, my eyes burning
Just hearing you say nothing.

I am attached to you now, nevertheless.
My soul is relentless and it searches,
Humbly running towards yours
And it knows it is the right course.

At last, I found you and I ignored them.
Mixed up emotions began to rush through my system.
My heart's racing, breathing's compromised.
I wish not to be awaken from this beautiful trance.

But the clock struck and my eyes opened.
It was a dream. I was in a daze. I tried to fasten
My thoughts of you and I, together, but then
There was no more you in sight. Alas, it was the end.

My mind is blown now with reveries of our next rendezvous.
I would lie if I have to, but I am already missing you.
Acting this way, I am not supposed to be, I know
I am selfish, and I am not letting you go.

Awakened. Aroused. That's what I am now.
That deep slumber that I was in, I asked how
It felt so true, so alive. Then I realized
I am in love with you. So please, stay by my side.


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