Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Creating deep words of my unending insides.
My unchanging woes of despair.
Telling the universe of how I was.
I used to be a poet.

For a moment, I thought.
And I thought. Nothing.
I gazed at the sky, murmured into.
It just answered with a smiling beam.

Where was my definition of love?
I queried, I cried, I looked.
Until my heart spoke to me.
It was there in the sand.

Never did it entered,
The hemispheres of my brain.
That in such time, I could
finish building my skywalk.

With a buried treasure underneath,
The sands of time will remind me.
For always, for all time.
It was there. Finally.


[Actually, I already put a tune on this poem. It was on our 8th month (01.30.11) that I completed the song. :)]

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