Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Creating deep words of my unending insides.
My unchanging woes of despair.
Telling the universe of how I was.
I used to be a poet.

For a moment, I thought.
And I thought. Nothing.
I gazed at the sky, murmured into.
It just answered with a smiling beam.

Where was my definition of love?
I queried, I cried, I looked.
Until my heart spoke to me.
It was there in the sand.

Never did it entered,
The hemispheres of my brain.
That in such time, I could
finish building my skywalk.

With a buried treasure underneath,
The sands of time will remind me.
For always, for all time.
It was there. Finally.


[Actually, I already put a tune on this poem. It was on our 8th month (01.30.11) that I completed the song. :)]


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Day.
How much more is left?
Non-stop. Never-ending. Infinite.

It keeps on ticking.
Telling you to go on. Go on.
When you’re so full of it,
It keeps on ticking.

You were born, you were a baby.
You are what you are now,
You will grow old.
Yet it keeps on ticking.

You wake up early,
So you won’t be late.
But you’re stuck in traffic.
And it keeps on ticking.

You laugh, you cry.
You made a mistake.
You want to turn back,
But it keeps on ticking.

You write a poem.
You made history.
You will be forgotten.
Because it keeps on ticking.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days.
How much more is left,
When time is our enemy?



If I tell you I love you today,
What difference would it make if
I say it on the other day?

If I reach out to your hands
And put it in my heart,
Would you feel its beating as it pounds?

If I take you away from here,
Away from all the distractions,
Would you come and be with me?

If I teach you how to love,
Would you listen, would you care?
Cos it’s only you I want to have.



My mind plays tricks on me.
It keeps creating visions of you and I.
And when I start feeling the warmth,
I end up disappointing myself and cry,
Makes me curl into my bed and sigh.

The broken pieces of my mirrored dream
Torments my heart, you left it bleeding.
When will it stop from so much anguish?
Encourage me and I’ll be willing.
If you insist, I’ll keep on trying.

Tell me more, speak of yourself.
Don’t leave me with foolish guessing.
Are these not enough, remind me.
Should I wait for nothing,
Or should I stop waiting?



Clouded my mind was,
When I thought I’d be a fool
In speaking my soul,
My heart and laying it all to you
But valor surmounted,
The fear, anxiety, the pain
I breathlessly professed,
I could even let myself wait in vain.

Wait. Wait. Wait. And be prepared.
Until you speak of when’s your sweet surrender.



If I could measure the distance between you and me,

I would, so you'd know how far it is still.

If I could tell you more stories of myself in one day,

I would, so you'd be able to understand me.

If I could let your fragile hands into my heart,

I would, so you'd feel how it beats.

If I could turn all the days into nights,

I would, so forever you'd be with me.

If I could create a skywalk from me to you,

I would, so I could trespass into your heart, freely.



I have seen but have not yet found
The meaning of myself in you if I won't be around.
My fingers trembling, my eyes burning
Just hearing you say nothing.

I am attached to you now, nevertheless.
My soul is relentless and it searches,
Humbly running towards yours
And it knows it is the right course.

At last, I found you and I ignored them.
Mixed up emotions began to rush through my system.
My heart's racing, breathing's compromised.
I wish not to be awaken from this beautiful trance.

But the clock struck and my eyes opened.
It was a dream. I was in a daze. I tried to fasten
My thoughts of you and I, together, but then
There was no more you in sight. Alas, it was the end.

My mind is blown now with reveries of our next rendezvous.
I would lie if I have to, but I am already missing you.
Acting this way, I am not supposed to be, I know
I am selfish, and I am not letting you go.

Awakened. Aroused. That's what I am now.
That deep slumber that I was in, I asked how
It felt so true, so alive. Then I realized
I am in love with you. So please, stay by my side.